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Group: IMRI_Calendar_moved_to_new_system
Calit2_AFM_donot_use_it Atomic Force Microscope - 1301 Calit2 Building
FEI_Magellan_donot_use_it High Resolution SEM - 1302 Calit2 Building
Kratos_SUPRA_Do_Not_Use_This XPS_UPS_SAM_ISS- 1322 Calit2 Building
Nano_CT_Donot_use_it X-ray Nano_CT in 1301 Calit2 building
Quanta_donot_use_it_anymore SEM and FIB Dual Beam - 1302 Calit2 Building
Rigaku_Smartlab_XRD_Donot_use_this_calendar X-ray Characterization and Analysis - 1302 Calit2 Building
Rigaku_Ultima3_XRD_Donot_use_this_calendar X-ray Characterization and Analysis - 1302 Calit2 Building
Vibrometer_donot_use_it Vibrometer - 1301 Calit2 Building
Group: IMRI_LEXI_Calit2_1302
SBT_Grinder Grinding and Polishing Wheel - 1302 Calit2 Building
SBT_Slow_Speed_Saw Slow Speed Saw -1302 Calit2 Building
SBT_Sputter_Coater Sputter Coating, Ion Etching/Polishing - 1302 Calit2 Building
SBTdimpler SBT Dimpler in 1302 Calit2
Simpleware_do_not_use_anymore Visualization and FEM meshing of 3D data sets
Workstation_Rigaku_FEI Workstation computer for data analysis_1302_Calit2_building
Group: IMRI_MC2
MC2_AScope_Optical_Microscope MC2 Nikon Optical Microscope
MC2_Fischione_Ion_Mill SBT Dimpler in 1302 Calit2
MC2_Nikon_Optical_Microscope MC2 Nikon Optical Microscope
MC2_Pelco_Carbon_coater MC2 Pelco C-coater
MC2_Polaron_sputter_coater Polaron_sputter_ coater_in_ MC2_Au-Pd
MC2_SBT_Abrasive_Slurry_Disc_Cutter MC2_SBT_Abrasive_Slurry_Disc_Cutter
MC2_SBT_Polisher_900 MC2 SBT_Polisher_900
MC2_SBT_Polisher_910 MC2 SBT_Polisher_910
MC2_Slow_Spead_Saw MC2 slow Spead Saw
MC2_twinjet_polisher MC2 twinjet polisher

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